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On the shores of the picturesque Lake Iseo, passion for classics meets tradition in a family-run company Bellini Nautica. Founded in 1960 by the Bellini Family, over the past sixty years Bellini Nautica has become an undisputed leader in the nautical sector. Notorious for their wide range of their services, Bellini Nautica is also internationally known as the sanctuary of vintage Riva boats.

Bellini Nautica has been restoring vintage Rivas for decades; experience, tailoring skills and renowned professionalism allow their craftsmen to bring any model back to its former glory. The restoration of the historic pieces is indeed a true art for, and requires a series of meticulous operations. Each step is respected and performed with maniacal attention in order to obtain a surprising result. Patience is the key – no need to rush when performing a restoration of this level. “Our challenge is to be able to combine, on every model available at our dockyard’s showroom, cutting-edge technology with a high level of craftsmanship “, – says Romano Bellini.

At Bellini Nautica you can admire the great private collection of Mr. Bellini’s vintage Riva boats. It is the most complete vintage Riva collection in the world that will leave you speechless! A place of worship for all boat enthusiasts and those who would like to discover Riva masterpieces. The collection is a result of the family’s passion that has been handed down for generations. All the history of the Riva brand and its exclusive creations in all their refined details are gathered here in Bellini Nautica. The collection counts more than 20 examples and starts with the very first 1920s Riva Racer, models of the 1930s, along with the great icons such as Riva Aquarama, Ariston and Tritone, and unique pieces including Riva Aquarama Lamborghini and Riva Lancetta.

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    In addition to visiting the private collection, you can also enjoy the elegant Riva boat for a full-day or half-day tour. This service is suitable both for those with a boat license and for those who want to be chauffeured by a captain and a guide to discover the natural beauty of Lago Iseo. Riva Vintage Experience is a unique and evocative adventure to the period that most characterised these jewels – La Dolce Vita. The boat for your tour will be Riva Aquarama Series III from 1971 – a rare work of art to live and enjoy an exclusive moment through history and passion.

    We are proud to present and offer you the following experiences to fully discover the Riva world and enjoy Lake Iseo:


    Riva Aquarama 1-hour tour with Lunch at Monte Isola


    Riva Aquarama 1-hour tour with a visit to Riva Vintage Collection


    Riva Aquarama 2-hour tour with a bottle of Franciacorta wine to toast


    Riva Aquarama 1-hour tour with a 4-course Lunch in Riva Privée & Cà del Bosco wine pairing

    A unique experience recalling the Dolce Vita period through the discovery of the best things of the Franciacorta area: the lake, its vineyards and the craftsmanship of the most elegant boats in the world! Dreaming of a perfect day on Lake Iseo on board a vintage Riva? We can make your dreams come true!


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