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“The butler escorted me to the living room of Palazzo Lana Berlucchi. The notes of “Georgia on my mind” vibrated in the air: Guido Berlucchi was at the piano. The count greeted me warmly and began questioning me, a young winemaker, on the measures to improve his unstable white wine. I answered his questions without hesitation, and in greeting him I dared: what if we were also to make a sparkling wine in the French style?”

Franco Ziliani

Guido Berlucchi accepted this proposal of Franco Ziliani, and the two pioneers took on this challenge in 1955. After some less fortunate years, in 1961 three thousand bottles of Pinot di Franciacorta were sealed. Uncorked the next year, the result was beyond their expectations! The experiment continued in the following years, bringing the sparkling wines to a totally new level. Indeed Franciacorta wines, by substance and image, would have not received such a recognition without the contribution of these two wine enthusiasts: Guido Berlucchi and Franco Ziliani.


The historic wine cellars date back to 1680. The structure is situated 10 metres underground, which ensures a constant temperature of 10°C every month of the year. The atmosphere in the cellar is mysterious and fascinating: heavy stone walls, wooden racks that hold hundreds of Franciacorta Riserva bottles for the remuage procedure. But the most precious gem of the cellar is carefully preserved in the small private alcove where a true cult bottle is guarded – the last of the 1961 vintage – an exemplar and witness to an idea that changed the winemaking destiny of  Franciacorta winemaking. This section can truly be called the “sancta sanctorum” of the cellars and an iconic spot for Franciacorta in general. 

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    Palazzo Lana is a noble residence built in the 1500s by the Lana de’ Terzi family, ancestors of Guido Berlucchi. Constructed over medieval buildings, the palazzo exhibits numerous art works and an extraordinary blend of architectural styles within an overall external appearance from the 1600s. The Sala del Camino (Fireplace Room), with its magnificent marble fireplace, is where Guido Berlucchi and Franco Ziliani created Franciacorta as sparkling wine “in the manner of the French style”. The cultural and historical heritage represented by Palazzo Lana, headquarters of the Fondazione Berlucchi, is today preserved and stewarded by the Ziliani family.


    Lux Conduct is proud to present a unique tailor-made experience: an exclusive private tour of the Guido Berlucchi winery and tasting of the most prestigious vintages of Berlucchi Franciacorta. 

    Discover the secrets of the Franciacorta method revealed by expert guides, visit the historic galleries that witnessed the creation of the first Franciacorta and taste the most exclusive wines. The experience includes a private visit to the Palazzo Lana Berlucchi and the historical cellar, followed by the tasting of the most renowned vintages served with a selection of local cheeses and cold cuts. 


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