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Along with a suit and a solid watch, a bespoke pair of shoes brings a touch of quiet timeless luxury to every man’s wardrobe. For those who seek maximum comfort and quality, we are glad to introduce our favorite Italian master shoemakers – Bocache & Salvucci Calzolai  Gian Luca Bocache and Roberto Salvucci met in the early 90’s while working in the fashion field. Both had a big passion for artisanship and a deep knowledge in shoemaking. Today, 25 years and 2 boutiques later, Bocache & Salvucci is one of the most renowned brands that distinguish in the luxury shoes market and that is appreciated all over the world by shoe aficionados. Sober, yet never conventional, Bocache & Salvucci shoes are always produced in limited numbers. All their creations are unique as those who wear them.

Years of research, experience and improvement have developed into a wide range of products now available in their boutiques and online shop: from bespoke shoemaking to made-to-order and ready-to-wear. From 2015 Bocache & Salvucci have also introduced sartorial services to their clients together with artisanal leather goods such as bags, belts and overcoats. Nowadays, walking into their boutique in Via Sistina in Rome, you can literally get a total Bocache & Salvucci look from head to toes.

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    One of their latest projects that had a huge success among their clients is the bespoke attire for horse riding and jumping, which includes boots and show jumping jackets. This idea was born thanks to Gianluca’s passion for this sport, when he decided to create tailor-made pieces for those who, like him, are passionate about the equestrian world. In the Bocache & Salvucci laboratory in Via Crispi in Rome, leather artisans devote themselves with care, precision and passion to the creation of each leather item until the magic moment in which the client can finally own it, enjoying the uniqueness of a product realized exclusively for him.

    But let’s talk Bespoke.
    The creation of a pair of Bocache & Salvucci shoes is an art requiring 20 to 30 hours of handwork. During your first appointment you will be provided with expert advice to help create the shoe that will best suit you by taking measurements to analyze the unique characteristics of your feet and helping you to choose the design and details of the future shoe. With this information the artisans return to their workplace and, based on the measurements and style preferences gleaned, they prepare a personalized last of your foot that is used to build the shoe around in order to guarantee maximum comfort and a natural fit.

    At the trial fitting, the shoe’s proportions, toe shape and design elements are checked and discussed together to ensure the best possible fitting. As with any work of art, realizing the model, which consists of cutting the leather, is the most delicate step even for two experienced masters like Bocache & Salvucci. Cutter’s fast and wise hands choose the best part of the skin that is stretched in order to verify the direction, the elongation and the degree of elasticity. Then, thanks to a special tool called “trincetto”, they proceed to divide the various parts of the vamp which, hereinafter, will be after-assembled by the hemming machine.

    As the final adjustments are done, the artisans create the sole and heel of the shoes. Everything is done using authentic old school instruments, such as a shoemaker’s knife, rasp and glass. All these instruments bring us back to the ancient traditions forgotten by modern industrial activities. Finally, the bottom of the shoe, treated with colors and natural waxes, is dried and polished with a soft cotton cloth.

    The shoes are thoroughly inspected before wrapping them for delivery and include a proprietary shoe form. Usually, Gian Luca and Roberto prefer to deliver their shoes personally in Rome or elsewhere in order to ensure a perfect fit. They regularly visit their clients, especially in Paris, London, Geneva, Moscow, the United States and the Middle East. However, if this may not be possible, they can also ship the shoes directly to your address of choice.

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