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Pantelleria Island, the black pearl of the Mediterranean, as it is often called, always generates mixed emotions. The volcanic origin of this island South of Sicily gave it an intense dark color and an edgy shape, all wrapped in the cobalt blue of the sea, immediately deep, so deep that it almost seems inaccessible. There are no golden beaches here, and the accesses to the sea are not always easy. Finally, the nightlife is almost inexistent. But it is precisely these characteristics of “not easy island” to be the strength of Pantelleria, the very different place, wild and intact, where nature is the protagonist also thanks to a clever administrative plan, which in the last decades has protected and bound the coast and the immediate hinterland.

Pantelleria is closer to the coast of Africa than to those of Sicily. At the curious traveler cannot escape the touch of Middle Eastern inherited from two centuries of Arab domination which has left its mark in agriculture, in the names of many places, in the dialect, features and architecture. The dammusi, typical houses made with lava stone and camouflaged in the landscape, with their distinctive white dome roof, were mainly recovered by “foreigners” who turned them into holiday homes. The lava stone is also found in dry stone walls.

Isola di Pantelleria, being of volcanic origin, rises to 2,743 feet at the extinct crater of Magna Grande. The last underwater eruption took place in 1891, but hot mineral springs and fumaroles testify to continued volcanic activity. This island has a rather serious, almost austere nature. It’s not decorated with white walls and colorful bougainvillea. In fact, its color is the elegant and discreet black of the lava rock. Pantelleria doesn’t need to show off, it’s up to us to discover its beauty and get to know its heart. Let’s see what brings the most sophisticated travellers and celebrities to this magic island.

The nature. The beauty of the sea, the transparency of the water and the amazing landscapes. The most hidden and evocative corners are along the slopes of Martingana, Balata dei Turchi, Faraglione and Arco dell’Elefante. It is a must to sail around the island by boat to enjoy the coves and natural landings with pebble beaches non accessible by land. Pantelleria is an amazing destination for trekking, hiking and diving.

The good wine and food. The grape Zibibbo di Pantelleria has become the first agricultural site in the world of UNESCO World Heritage List! The small wineries produce the famous Passito di Pantelleria in the most ancient tradition pantesca, in its culture and among its tastes. The local cuisine include couscous, pesto pantesco, ravioli with ricotta and mint, capers and many typical sweet delights.

The natural open-air SPA. The Mirror of Venus lake. Here you can sunbathe while putting on a mud mask. With just one glance at these waters you’ll realise how lucky you are to have the possibility to regenerate your body in this amazing scenario: a lunar landscape, bubbling mud and crystal clear waters.

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